Collaborative Code Comprehension

Because a is not sufficient

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Speed up the boarding process

Build your own guided walkthroughs of your codebases. Each steps is interactive and can be annotated with questions and answers. Simply clone a repo and start learning by following the tour.

Easy navigation and exploration

Use semantic search to explore the code and leave breadcrumbs along the way. Code Comprehension is the beloved whiteboard to sketch your understanding .

Faster structural understanding

Code Comprehension highlights design and enterprise patterns, so you skip the implementation details. Code Comprehension also visualizes the technical layers so you an immediate high level overview.

Share your knowledge

At its core, Code Comprehension is acollaborative knowledge managementsystem, dedicated for software systems. Code Comprehension analyses the code and builds a knowledge graph. You can explore and enrich that knowledge.

Quality performance indicators

Get an immediate feeling of critical indicators, such as hot-spots, cloud-readiness and external dependencies.